A legend, an inspiration, and a brilliant musician that has influenced so many of us, and continues to do so. In the rare occasion of a Signature pick, there has to be something unique that separates it from the pack. The Becker Bleu Cheese is comprised of Acetyl (Why give it a made up, goofy name?) which is a full sounding, well rounded tone most associated with Tortoise. We’ve beefed it up a bit and it’s rougher texture gives a better hold. In choosing the color, it had to exude a positiveness and hope for Jason and his family, who have endured more hardship than anyone should ever have to go through.

It’s an honor to not only release this in Jason’s name, but also to help the Becker family with future sales of his pick, which will cover the entire Swiss Picks line.

To learn more about Jason, his music, and his struggle with ALS, please visit www.jasonbecker.com and the Jason Becker documentary “Not Dead Yet”