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Hey kids!!! Its your good pal Uncle Ben Eller here with a brand new episode of This Pick is Sick, where you can learn all about what guitar picks are floating around in my pockets these days!
This week, we’re gonna be talking about the Swiss Picks Sharp Cheddar 2.0mm pick. This thing is great! I was introduced to these by my good buddy Sims Cashion (check him out if you’re looking for good reasons to quit playing… dude can’t even buy smokes legally yet and is nuking all of our asses). They have an excellent grip, a nice sharp point, and aren’t too hard on the wallet either!
They are made from high quality Dupont Delrin, which is a great plastic for a pick. The grip holes with added raised lip give a great feel in your hand fingers and keep you from losing control of your rock and roll. Killer!
There’s a reason dudes like Rusty Cooley and many other shredders (like my man Straten Hammond …. instagram @Rawambitious ) are endorsing these things, they really are great picks. Plus they’re made in the USA!
USA, USA, USA, USA …… chant with me!
Anyway, thanks for watching and please stay tuned for more episodes soon! I’ll be covering a bunch of high end boutique and hand made picks soon, so keep an ear to the ground.